Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank You!!

Sorry this won't be very's really hard to type with one hand!!

I thought breaking my right wrist would be about the same as breaking my left wrist. I was wrong. I'm right handed. It takes me longer to do everything and I just plain can't do other things.

For instance, I cannot open a water bottle :(
The funniest thing is watching people figure out how to shake my hand. I put my left hand out and people grab it like they are going to hold my hand and then they kinda shake it. It's really funny!

Thankfully I have the most wonderful husband(sorry, but it's true), and he helps me do everything. Wednesday morning Dallas got called into work and I had to get ready on my own.
I ended up having to go to my rotation late, without breakfast or lunch, my favorite glasses broke, and my hair was awful. It was not a good morning:(
Every other morning I've been clean, dressed, hair done, make-up on, well fed with lunch, and with sunglasses:)

He's so wonderful, I couldn't do it without him!

I get my new (removable) splint next tuesday!! I cannot wait, I'm so tempted to take this one off so I can clean my arm! Maybe I'll "accidentally" get it wet....jk

This is what it looked like on Wednesday (2 days after the break and before the surgery).

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quick update

Natalie's surgery on Friday went really well. It actually took a lot less time than either of us thought it would. We checked in at about noon, and we were on our way home by a little after 4:00. The doctor said the prognosis is good, he fixed everything he wanted to fix, and so now we get to go through recovery. Yeay.

It was an open reduction; they had to make an incision to put in a plate and screws. Natalie's hurting, but getting through it.

Thanks to every one who called or stopped by. We really appreciate the support.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life has been rather interesting of late. On Labor Day, Natalie decided it would be fun to go on a bike ride. We went cruising around Anthem the night before looking for small roads with big bike lanes, and to see, just for fun, if there was a way we could get to Anthem without taking the freeway. Turns out Anthem is much too far away to ride a bike, but that's ok, we figured we'd go part way on some side roads and turn around and come back.

We were on out way back from 15 miles of uneventful (but really really hot) riding. We were literally less than a block away from our house. Natalie went up onto the sidewalk, and was looking back to make sure I wasn't going to run into her, when her bike went off the sidewalk. Her bike fell over, and I practically landed on top of her. She fell pretty hard on her right hand onto the concrete sidewalk, and after a visit to the ER and some x-rays, turns out she broke her wrist. After a consult with an Ortho doctor, turns out she needs surgery to put everything back into place.

So to make her feel better, we went out and bought a new (to us) car! It's a 2000 Lexus RX300, and the lady selling it literally cried when Natalie drove off in it. We've actually been looking for quite a while, and this just happened to work out really well, because it turns out that driving a car with a manual transmission with only your left hand is pretty tough. We'll post pictures soon.

Natalie's surgery is on Friday afternoon, and she's hoping to be able to go back to her rotation on Monday.