Thursday, June 25, 2009

miss you

it's funny the things that i have stopped caring about this last year. it's not only that my priorities have changed...but i have started to just not care!
i don't seem to care what the background on my blog is, in fact for a while I wanted it to be the most boring plain jane background i could find. funny how that made me feel better.

on the other hand i've started to really care (or obsess) about the time i spend with dallas. nothing else can make me feel as calm and in control as when i'm talking to my love. life with him is my baseline. it isn't cheesy, it's true. the time we get to spend together just makes me feel inspired. a lot of that time seems to be just chatting on the phone rather than physically being together.

i was thinking the other day about all the "what if's" in my life. it seems there are an endless number of them. as my imagination wondered through each possibility i realized that the ones that made me happy included dallas. the life possibilities that brought sad tears to my eyes were the ones where dallas had been left out of my life.

the truth of the matter is...DALLAS YOU ARE THE HAPPINESS IN MY LIFE!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's official: Rotations have begun

This post is a little out of order, so bear with us...

Natalie has officially finished her first year of PA school, which is why we were able to go with her family to San Diego. It was so much fun! We spent 3 days lounging on La Jolla beach. The weather was less than perfect for everyone but me: it was cloudy and windy with a high temp of about 65. Everybody was pretty cold for most of it, but wierdo me was absolutely loving it! :)While we were there we took the time to go to the San Diego temple with Natalie's parents and her sisters. It was a nice break from the giant kegger party that is Southern California in the summertime.

Natalie's first two rotations are up in Show Low, so we spent last weekend moving her and her friend up to Show Low. She's working in a Family Practice doctor's office and so far it has been pretty uneventful. She mostly just follows the doctor around as he sees all his patients. It has been kind of weird having Natalie gone, the house feels really empty without her! I (still) haven't received a schedule from my work for this month, so it looks like I'll be able to spend a lot of time up there hanging out with her little brothers while she's at work!

I updated our slideshow with some of the pictures we took in San Diego, and one thing I've noticed is that we really like to take pictures of ourselves in goofy sunglasses. The pictures are randomized, and while I was watching it there were 4 pictures in a row of Natalie and me in weird weird sunglasses.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

San Diego Trip

I got a chance to use my camera in San Diego last week!!

Kyson was adorable...he liked the water but he loved the sand.
He could have played in it all day!

Zack the Strong!

Kyson was having a lot of fun playing in the little waves that came on the shore...until a big wave came and knocked him over :( This is a picture right after the wave hit sad!!

After the wave got Kyson, he was happy to lay in a blanket on Grandma.

Kyson back to playing in the sand.
I insisted on being in the middle of it all and knocking down the wall Andrea, Jared, and everyone else built!
He looks pretty excited about it!

Caleb and Me...He was trying to smile...
I guess he was just cold and he couldn't figure out how to get the sand off his hands.

Tuesday it was really windy! If you look in the background of this picture you can see our beach neighbors:) Their umbrella turned inside out!

Kyson decided that my mom needed to be covered in sand.
The funny part was she just sat there and let him!

Me, at the campsite

This is typical Kyson. He's giggling!!

We had a crazy ride over to Coronado Island.
We stopped at a park and had dinner!

This is Katie and Jason playing "King of the Hill"

Christy and Zack

Caleb got left in the swing...all by himself.
He didn't complain that much but he sure looks miserable:)

More pictures to come.....