Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our Herb Garden

The only part of our garden that is actually growing....





The Pickle got me through it!!!

The story goes something like this...

I needed the perfect pencil for that wouldn't let me down!! I searched high and low. Then it found me...a bright green pencil with the words in shiny dark green print that read "DILL PICKLE!" I couldn't resist, it had to be the one!

Of course we all know you can't go into a test with one pencil. You have to have two, just in case something catastrophic happens to the other one. (I've actually lost many pencils to nervous jitters. They usually fly under the seat in front of you.)
My second pencil I chose because it speaks for itself, "Primary makes me happy." Nothing could make the jitters disappear faster than a statement like that.

So, well armored, I entered my tests with confidence...maybe that is a little too strong of a word... I entered my tests knowing my pencil would get me through.


I am so excited to be done with that part of school. It was rough and involved a lot of complaining on my part. I couldn't have done it without... my awesome husband Dallas(you thought I was going to say Dill Pickle pencil) He stayed up late with me Thursday night keeping me motivated to study my last night.

I'm so thankful to all my friends who helped me through. I learned to love them even when the stress made us a little hard to be around. They are awesome girls, I am going to miss being around them during rotations. THANKS GIRLS!!

Shawna and Heidi right after our last final on their way out to head to PA conference in San Diego!

Mara (who had no idea I took this pic:)

Heidi, Shawna and Katrina
We went back for one last study session at Paradise Bakery, one of our favorite study nooks. We usually take over this table in the corner and study there for hours. If we leave when they close they usually give us leftover cookies:)
Today they brought us a box of cookies just for good luck!! Aren't they sweet?!

Me...with a weird look on my face

Katrina, studying hard

Katrina after her last final!!

Melinda after her last final!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Traveling man *updated with pic*

So while Natalie is back home studying her little heart out, I am spending her entire finals week in Washington DC for work. I get to travel quite a bit for my job, but I don't often get much time to see the sights at these cities I visit. There have been a few exceptions, like when I took Natalie to Boston and Baltimore, but those have unfortunately those have been the exceptions rather than the rule. What usually happens is I spend 2 days in a city, I fly out of Phoenix early early the first morning, spend the rest of the day slumming around the hotel, spend all the next day working, and go straight to the airport to fly home. Not too exciting, let me tell 'ya.

This time though, I have almost 4 full days in the DC area, and I only have to work for about 6 hours total in those 4 days. I'm really excited because I've never been to DC long enough to walk around and see all the monuments and museums. I even get to go to the DC temple! I went down to the National Mall this afternoon and saw the Lincoln Memorial and Vietnam Veteran's memorial, I had to sit through almost 2 hours of downtown rush hour traffic to get there, but it was totally worth it!

On a side note, we bought this totally awesome new digital camera... which I didn't bring on this trip. I didn't even bring out older, cheaper-but-still-better-than-my-cell-phone camera, so all I have are a couple of blurry pics which I'll post when I get home.

The Lincoln Memorial was a lot different than I thought it would be. It was really simple, I was expecting a full Smithsonian style exhibit about his life and especially death. All it was was a long marble staircase up to the seated statue of Lincoln. On the left wall was the Gettysberg address, on the left wall was a speech I didn't recognize, it looked like an inaugural address from his reelection, and that was pretty much it. The Vietnam memorial was really cool, but I really liked the Korean War memorial. I started tagging along behind a tour group listening to the tour guide, she was telling all kinds of stories. The Korean memorial is really similar to the Vietnam, but instead of carving all the names of casualties in black granite, they put portraits and pictures of the fallen soldiers.

It almost doesn't seem fair that I'm touring the nation's capital while Natalie is at home studying for her ridiculous number of finals, but I think she'll actually get more done if I'm 3000 miles away, and so far it seems to be working. Four finals down and only two more to go! I'm going to get home just in time for the celebration, as of Friday, Natalie is officially a second year PA student!Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Monument looking across the reflecting pool at the Washington monument (I believe the Jefferson monument is the domed building behind the Washington)

Not too bad for a cell phone camera!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Camera!!

Dallas bought a new camera yesterday and I love it!! It takes awesome pictures!

Now I just need something to take pictures of...come on vacation!!!!

This is all I could find to take pictures of.
We went for a walk into our backyard out through our complex. I found some really interesting things to take pictures of. My favorite is the giant tree in someones backyard that has outgrown it and is lifting up their fence trying to get out.

It's going to take me awhile to learn how to use it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

......2 weeks!!!

And this is why I want to go into Pediatrics!

I have two more weeks full of hardcore studying!
Wish me luck!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Favorite Things!

#1 on my list right now is my little backyard. Dallas has put so much work into it! I love it! Everyday I get to eat breakfast on my cute white swing and watch as my flowers, strawberries, and various herbs get bigger and bigger. I love watching them grow! It's my little retreat away from school!

#2 on my list is my bike. I've started riding it to school consistently in the last few weeks. It is so much fun. The weather is getting a little too hot but not too bad yet. I'm going to keep it up... until I start sizzling that is!

Friday, May 1, 2009


I have officially started a countdown! (I hate countdowns they just make your goal come so slowly!!)
Unfortunately everyone around me is counting down and so I can't help it! It's too much fun to wake in the morning and say 3 MORE WEEKS!!

That's right everyone! I am done with my didactic(sitting in class all day and taking tests all day everyday) year in 3 weeks. I get one week off....any great vacations ideas???...then I have one week learning how to be a student on rotations. I then go on rotations June 8!!

It's really crazy that I'm already done with the hard part. I felt like it was never going to end. The truth is that I don't mind sitting in class, I just don't really like taking tests. I have an average of 2 tests a wk, last semester it was more like 3! Now I'm just complaining.

I got my rotation schedule today! I'm starting my rotations in Show Low (Family Practice then OB/GYN!) I'm staying with my parents, kicking my little brother out of his room, and ditching Dallas:) I feel a little bad about that and I'll miss him tons!
Overall I think I'll be doing around 4 rotations in Show Low! (At least I'll be out of the heat for the summer.) The rest of my rotations will be here in the valley. Kinda crazy!!