Friday, May 1, 2009


I have officially started a countdown! (I hate countdowns they just make your goal come so slowly!!)
Unfortunately everyone around me is counting down and so I can't help it! It's too much fun to wake in the morning and say 3 MORE WEEKS!!

That's right everyone! I am done with my didactic(sitting in class all day and taking tests all day everyday) year in 3 weeks. I get one week off....any great vacations ideas???...then I have one week learning how to be a student on rotations. I then go on rotations June 8!!

It's really crazy that I'm already done with the hard part. I felt like it was never going to end. The truth is that I don't mind sitting in class, I just don't really like taking tests. I have an average of 2 tests a wk, last semester it was more like 3! Now I'm just complaining.

I got my rotation schedule today! I'm starting my rotations in Show Low (Family Practice then OB/GYN!) I'm staying with my parents, kicking my little brother out of his room, and ditching Dallas:) I feel a little bad about that and I'll miss him tons!
Overall I think I'll be doing around 4 rotations in Show Low! (At least I'll be out of the heat for the summer.) The rest of my rotations will be here in the valley. Kinda crazy!!


Andrea Gunnell said...

How can you not countdown? It's your last three weeks of sitting in class and taking tests for pretty much forever! Who wouldn't be excited? It's such a HUGE accomplishment. We need to P-A-R-T-Y!!!!!!

Dallas and Natalie Turley said...

WE definitely need to party!!

Diane said...

SO exciting!! I'm doing the same countdown cuz school's out on the 21st and I don't have to drive crazy school kids on a bus! Course I'll be unemployed, that's bad. If only I could work for the summer in Showlow, or Pinetop where I could stay with MY mom, hmmmmm.
Hope you can make it to Bill's party here, we could do a hip-hip-hooray for you then too!!