Monday, December 20, 2010

More Cute Christmas Pictures

Matching Sweaters!!

Could she be any cuter?

Temple lights...
The hat is still a little big:)

Christmas pj's at a Christmas party!

Best friends already!
Ready for Christmas, playing under the Christmas tree.

My really good friend Mara had her little girl a few weeks before me.
We both had girls.
Aren't they adorable.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

Christmas season is here!

i built Rapunzel's tower

Dallas's inspiration came from our recent trip to Washington DC.
I think it looks pretty good until it collapsed a few minutes later.

White House

She is starting to get really interactive and alert!

Isn't she cute!!
This is the end of a very cute smile :-)

Maryland Trip

Spaz and I accompanied Dallas on a business trip to Baltimore, Maryland.
We stayed a couple extra days and did some sightseeing around Washington DC!
It was cold so you don't see much of Spaz she is cuddled warm in her carseat.

Washington Monument

Lincoln Monument

We walked up to the Washington Monument but it was so cold and windy we left a few seconds later. This is a picture of Dallas running back to the warm car.

Dallas and Spaz in the lobby of our hotel.

The Hope Diamond.
(I love the girl in the backgrounds' facial expression)

Dallas and the bones of a buffalo at the Museum of Natural History

Me and a bony giraffe

Cuddled warm in the hotel room

Relaxing in the hotel room waiting for Daddy(Dallas) to finish working.

At work with Daddy!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's only 10Am

Todays checklist

  • Pooped on...Check
  • Peed on...Check
  • Spit up on....Check, Check, Check
  • Buggered on...Check (not sure thats a word)
  • Baby Bath Time...Check
  • Laundry....Check
  • Nursed...Check. Check, Check, Check
  • Smiled at...Check, check, check, check, check
  • Loved...CHECK

okay...this is a picture from yesterday but I haven't really had time for picture taking today:)