Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We went to an awesome one year old birthday party for Dallas's Sister Mindy's little boy Jace!(That was a mouthful!)

Here are some pics...(thanks Diane!)
The first one is Dallas and I NOT eating sugar..(Dallas forgot he promises!)

The next few are of Dallas and his little brother, Hans in a water fight. I guess Hans was bullying the younger kids so Dallas had to show him what an older brother is about. I believe Dallas had won until....

(not pictured unfortunately)

I got him soaked all the way down the back:-)
So I guess that means that I won since I walked away dry!!!

Hubby deprived:(

I have been feeling very deprived of my husband! In the last week I have hardly had a chance to say Hello to him! He is either working on the ambulance or gone on some trip for work! Just last week he went to Dallas, Texas and Chicago. I thought I'd get some hubby time tonight but he is working the worst shift; 12p-12a UGH!! I have to leave to go to school really early and when I get home he's already gone:(

What a bummer!

Now that I am done complaining about my absentee husband...

I've had a lot of opportunities to share the gospel with my friends at school recently. Most of them are very religious or grew up religious. The one question that seems to have been asked the most is about the church's view on women. Some think that a few of the girls in class and I are disobeying the rules of the church by being in school. Especially being in school and married. I have had some very interesting conversations about the priesthood and the church's view on women and education. It has really helped me remember why I have worked so hard to get where I am at. Sometimes it would be so much easier to just stop school and have a baby. I know though, that right now I am supposed to be in school getting an education, no matter how cute the babies are. I'm not completely sure why.

I wanted to thank my sisters for rallying to help me a couple weeks ago. I wanted to give a girl at school a talk by Pres. Hinckley on Women and Education but I couldn't find it! I looked for a long time. Fortunately my sisters are wonderful and found it for me!! THANKS!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My hearts' in Dallas, Texas

I love you. I miss you when your away. I miss you when you're only in the other room and now you're in another state! I can't wait for you to get back! I love you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

I had the best birthday! Natalie and I went to Disneyland with Andrea and Jared and their two kids for 3 days. The last time we went, Disneyland was so crowded they stopped selling tickets, so this time we were hoping for a little smaller turnout this time. We got there on Thursday afternoon, and the place was practically empty! The longest line in the place was maybe 20 minutes at the most. We did the park hopper passes, so we got to go to California Adventure too.

It was actually really fun to be there with Andrea's kids, we had a lot of time at Disneyland, so we did all the little kiddie stuff that gets skipped when you only have one day to see everything. I remember those rides being a lot more fun... but it was really cute how excited Caleb got. Even Kyson would get really animated. They did really good for being at a crowded amusement park for 3 days (with little or no nap time).

My big birthday present was a new iPod! I had been wanting a smart phone, but Verizon is stupid, and I couldn't get one without paying an extra $30 a month. It was a lot cheaper to get an iPod, so that's what we did! It's a second generation iTouch, and it is almost too much fun.

I want to thank everybody that called or sent me messages or came over to hang out. It meant a lot to me! And most especially I want to thank Natalie for having so much fun with me!

Thanks for the best birthday ever!

Thursday, March 12, 2009