Tuesday, June 2, 2009

San Diego Trip

I got a chance to use my camera in San Diego last week!!

Kyson was adorable...he liked the water but he loved the sand.
He could have played in it all day!

Zack the Strong!

Kyson was having a lot of fun playing in the little waves that came on the shore...until a big wave came and knocked him over :( This is a picture right after the wave hit him...so sad!!

After the wave got Kyson, he was happy to lay in a blanket on Grandma.

Kyson back to playing in the sand.
I insisted on being in the middle of it all and knocking down the wall Andrea, Jared, and everyone else built!
He looks pretty excited about it!

Caleb and Me...He was trying to smile...
I guess he was just cold and he couldn't figure out how to get the sand off his hands.

Tuesday it was really windy! If you look in the background of this picture you can see our beach neighbors:) Their umbrella turned inside out!

Kyson decided that my mom needed to be covered in sand.
The funny part was she just sat there and let him!

Me, at the campsite

This is typical Kyson. He's giggling!!

We had a crazy ride over to Coronado Island.
We stopped at a park and had dinner!

This is Katie and Jason playing "King of the Hill"

Christy and Zack

Caleb got left in the swing...all by himself.
He didn't complain that much but he sure looks miserable:)

More pictures to come.....


Andrea Gunnell said...

Fun pictures! I love that first picture of Kyson. I just love that little man!!!!!

Joan Pearce said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Tiffini said...

What fun!

I love the old-video slideshow you have in the corner of your blog!