Thursday, June 25, 2009

miss you

it's funny the things that i have stopped caring about this last year. it's not only that my priorities have changed...but i have started to just not care!
i don't seem to care what the background on my blog is, in fact for a while I wanted it to be the most boring plain jane background i could find. funny how that made me feel better.

on the other hand i've started to really care (or obsess) about the time i spend with dallas. nothing else can make me feel as calm and in control as when i'm talking to my love. life with him is my baseline. it isn't cheesy, it's true. the time we get to spend together just makes me feel inspired. a lot of that time seems to be just chatting on the phone rather than physically being together.

i was thinking the other day about all the "what if's" in my life. it seems there are an endless number of them. as my imagination wondered through each possibility i realized that the ones that made me happy included dallas. the life possibilities that brought sad tears to my eyes were the ones where dallas had been left out of my life.

the truth of the matter is...DALLAS YOU ARE THE HAPPINESS IN MY LIFE!!


Andrea Gunnell said...

Dallas you should feel so loved! I guess it's a good thing you snatched Natalie up a few years ago!

Jared Gunnell said...


Diane said...

That's just the sweetest thing ever and I love the way you said it. Can I steal it and put Danny's name in??