Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Natalie started another rotation up in Show Low, which means I have to figure out what to do with myself for a month until she gets back. This rotation is going to be a lot tougher than the last; over the summer I could go up to Show Low and hang out all week, so we got to see each other a lot. I have classes I can't miss this time around, so we might get to see each other on weekends, but Natalie is supposed to be studying for her mid-year exams, and I'm going on a few more trips for work, so we're not really sure how much time we'll get to spend together.

A lot of people have been asking me how my classes are going, and the only thing I can think of to tell them is that they're "ok..." There's really not a whole lot to report: chances are you wouldn't understand it if I tried to explain it (not only because it usually involves scary-complicated math, but because a lot of the time I'm not sure I understand it myself). So suffice it to say school is going ok.

I work as a TA for one of the undergraduate bioengineering courses, and the lab instructor might take me on as a grad student in his research lab. He works on MRI, specifically making different contrast agents to highlight specific structures in the body. I am seriously toying with the idea of getting a doctorate, but I'm still a ways off in actually making that decision. I have to find a project I can get excited about, and since my lab instructor has been out with the swine flu, things have been on hold until I'm confident he's not contagious (in a slightly unrelated note, one of the things we're doing in my math class is calculating the conditions necessary for a contagion to become an epidemic. Stay tuned for details).

Other than that life has been pretty mellow.


Megan said...

Well good luck Without your wife around. I was just letting her know that she won the drawing on my craft blog. Tell her to give me a call. Good luck!!

Tiffini said...

1 whole month? How are you guys going to survive?! Maybe I'm just really spoiled, but Jason and I have only been apart for 10 days...ever, and that was rough! I can definitely say that I feel for ya - (at least you can see each other on weekends; that will make it more tollerable, huh?)

Katie said...

When can we have you up for dinner? I'd hate for you to starve while your wifey's away!

By the way--Oscillococcinum for the flu. It rules!

Diane said...

We'd like to contribute to the non-starving situation also. Come over after school any time and hang out with us we'd love to see you. You know you have a good marriage when it's hard to be apart, some couples can't wait for the other to leave (not me, I love having hubby around). Good luck Natalie on rotations and studies, so proud of you.

Hannah said...

That is exactly how I feel about my classes! They are just going o.k. and I can't explain it to anyone cause they just wouldn't understand!! Except I am taking undergrad classes so yours a probably harder... :D