Saturday, July 10, 2010


I'm feeling pretty great these days, no big complaints!

My bump is now a a giant hill, I think I'm past the stage where you just look fat!

The babies nickname is "Spaz."
She earned this nickname by her CONSTANT(incessant) movement! She isn't always kicking hard but I rarely experience moments of the day when she isn't rolling around and poking various body parts out.
She enjoys the quiet noise of our house, this is when she is the wiggliest.
She also seems to like the warmth and hum of my computer fan that also sits on my stomach every evening. Kicking the computer and making it move is her favorite past time.
She doesn't seem to like large crowds and lots of talking. (Or she does and decides to take a nap:) For example, all the family parties over the fourth she was pretty calm and serene.

She is back to her old self this week. For the last few days she can't seem to decide which side she likes better. One day she spends the day on the right the next on the left. My stomach is quite lopsided all the time. Button-up shirts are the worst because the buttons don't stay down the middle!

Dallas thinks it is hilarious and likes to provoke her... She will run away from his hand when he pushes. This morning while I was sleeping he put his hand on my stomach and I guess she was doing somersaults! I'm just glad neither one of them woke me up!

I'm trying to get motivated to study so I can take the PANCE (PA board exam) before Spaz decides to come. It is extremely difficult! I have so many other things I want to do! Going shopping, sewing, organizing, and just generally being lazy in the hot summer heat. We bought season passes to Wet n Wild that is just down the road from our house and that is on my mind all day every day!
Any ideas for kicking my motivation into gear, feel free to share...

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Katie said...

Whatever it takes, find your motivation fast. I get the feeling that Spaz is going to give you a run for your money. She makes even my spunky Rosie look downright boring!

Besides, you'll want to clear your calendar to enjoy that new baby. It is amazing how many hours I can spend just staring at Lottie!