Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dallas's Sleeping Habits

Now, I realize this is going to make me seem like a terrible person...but no maleficence was intended.

Last night, like every night, I was laying next to Dallas waiting to fall asleep and listening to him sleep. He's usually a very quiet sleeper and only occasional snores or makes funny noises. He is a very slow breather probably around 9breaths a minute (normal is 12-18ish)
Last night his nose was making a really annoying popping noise every time he breathed in. VERY annoying. I decided rather than wake him and make him blow his nose I would plug his nose for a few seconds and make him breath through his mouth.
Well, a few seconds past and I couldn't tell if he was breathing or not. I waited...and waited. At this point I was kinda curious how long it would take for him to start breathing through his mouth. I waited some more...I'm guessing he should have breathed 4-5x at this point. Still he didn't open his mouth to breath...I'm completely curious at this point!
All of the sudden, his mouth opens and he takes a huge gasping breath, waking himself up.
He then says, "Why do I keep doing that?!"
Me (innocently), "Doing what?"
Dallas, "Waking up in a panic?" At this point I'm giggling like crazy and spill the beans.
He wasn't angry or upset, more worried that it took him a full minute to start breathing through his mouth.
Don't worry, he laid back down and was asleep a few seconds later.

The night before...
My phone has a terrible habit of dinging (twice) when it is done charging. There is no way to change this. No setting, just the way some (retarded) engineer designed it. And since I have to plug it in every night, it goes off in the middle of the night.
So 3-4x a week we are awakened by the obnoxious dinging. It always scares me a little bit, but I'm used to it at this point and usually recover quickly.

I was laying in bed again trying to fall asleep and the phone dings. Dallas sits up straight in bed, and just stares into the dark without making a peep. After 15 seconds or so I know he's still asleep. I reach up and pull him back in bed, "it's okay, come back to bed."
Dallas(in his still asleep voice), "What's going on?"
Natalie, "My phone went off, come back to bed."

He finally lays back down and "goes back to sleep". He only remembers half of this in the morning.

Conclusion: Sleeping next to Dallas is always an adventure...

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Jamie Pearce said...

I laughed out loud reading this...haha! FUNNY! Loved it.