Friday, September 10, 2010

Studying tips: Entertaiment Ideas

(I know it sounds counter-productive but it is completely necessary!)

#1 favorite: Exercise ball
- It's bouncy and gets the 'Wiggles' out (For all you ADHD people out there)
- Provides a little bit of core strengthening, i.e. exercise
- I can't decide whether the Baby likes the ball or not...she gets pretty wiggly when we are on it! She seems to have lots of wiggles to get out!
- Warning!!!, It is also very easy to fall off. It hasn't happened yet, but there have been a few close calls.
#2: Pandora
- Sometimes you just can't stand your own music selection anymore!
- Careful with overuse, I hear they cut you off after a certain number of hours!

#3: Colorful Pens and Highlighters
- You would think I would grow out of this, but there is something about studying from a well highlighted, multi-colored page (organized of course) keeps your attention!

#4: Low calorie snacks, FOOD!
- My current favorite is Smarties (This is primarily because I have a giant jar full of them and nobody else seems to like them)
- Previous favorites include KIX cereal, Cheerios, Wheat Thins, Tootsie rolls (failed the low calorie requirement)

#5: Facebook
- It is fast and gives you a little break here and there. Plus if you check it too often nobody has posted anything new so it takes even less time!

#6: Channel 8
- This is an option when you get desperate, can't handle studying and have tried everything else.
- Choose a boring program that you aren't interested in!
For example Wine sampling/growing, painting, evolution, photography, travels through various countries...

#7: ..............Any ideas??
(Can you tell I'm already getting bored with studying?)


Dallas said...

You could study by the pool... The change of scenery usually helps...

You could hang out with your husband!

And you should try really hard not to fall off your exercise ball. Unless I'm there to giggle at you (and help pick you up, of course)!

Malori said...

I love that list!! Pandora stops after 40 hours (I know cuz I liked to listen to it at work, but after one week, I was out of luck for a full month!!!)

I completely agree with the highlighter thing...I love using all different colors for different things!

I also like the facebook idea too!

I learned from a teacher that when you are quizzing yourself for a test or something, you should give yourself a treat for every correct answer (this is when tootsie rolls would be good cuz they are fun and not necessarily super healthy) - she said that we are kind of like our pets in that we will remember better if we have some immediate positive reinforcement. It works for me and it makes studying way less boring!