Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life is marching on...

This last month has been busy!

I started working a couple days a week, Dallas had a birthday, and Spaz has gotten chubby.
These are some pictures of Spaz from my Camera phone. The quality isn't great but they are easy to send to Dallas on the go!

She collapsed her toy on herself with her feet.

She likes to sprawl when she sleeps...

I look so cute in my blue outfit, very patriotic!

Reading the newspaper with mom...mostly I think its fun to listen to it rattle!

First taste of apple..mmmm!

I discovered my feet and love to play with them!

I love my bath time but I hate getting dressed afterward...brrrr!

Love my cute dress!

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Malori said...

So darn cute! I love all of these pictures!