Tuesday, April 26, 2011


First of all she is the most wonderful, beautiful, happy baby. I am so lucky! She has been wonderful to babysitters and takes awesome naps. Although she hasn't quite figured out how to sleep through the night.

She lives up to her nickname and is very active. She never stops wiggling her little fingers and toes. When she eats she pinches the back of my arm as she wiggles her fingers around. While the rest of her is intently concentrated on something else her fingers and wrist are rotating and moving.

She is so close to crawling, she gets on her hands and knees rocking back and forth trying to figure out how to get her back end to go forward with her front end. Sometimes she gets frustrated and just throws her front end forward which results in a nose dive for the object she is pursuing. This causes her to cry and need a hug from mommy (which I willingly give because I usually get a 'quick' neck cuddle in return.)

She has figured out that mommy is her favorite. This of course gives me great pride but at the same time can be frustrating when she doesn't like going to anyone else when I'm around. She sometimes even prefers me over daddy (I should enjoy this now before she really becomes a daddy's girl.)

Now for the best part...PICTURES!

I love this picture (February-Valentines Day, I'm so behind on pictures)

Family picture
(Lincoln was jumping up and down behind the photographer and she loved it.)

Playing together...at least they are both looking in the same direction even if it isn't at the camera :-)

This is such a typical Spaz face, I couldn't resist posting it!

Family time..Discovering the Grass.


Easter Morning in my cute Easter dress exploring my Easter basket. I've grown so much since Valentines day.

Getting ready to brush my teeth for the first time!!

My first doll for Easter...yum


Mara said...

So cute! We miss you guys!

Joyelle said...

Buddy just saw the first picture and said "she's cute!"