Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's kind of fun to get all these comments from friends and family who have found our blog. We'll try extra hard to keep up with updating our lives for all y'all.

The big news of late is that I had to start another class at ASU. I got an email from my academic advisor saying that a class I have to take in order to graduate is only being offered in the spring of next year, so if I want to graduate in December, I have to take this class this semester. So I started a new class 5 weeks into the semester. The conditions are that I have to start turning in all the homework, take the midterm, and pass the final. If I do all that, plus pass an "oral exam" on the material I missed the first 5 weeks, then I get credit for the class. Problem is, this is supposed to be one of the harder classes of my degree. "Transport Phenomena." How exciting.

I am going on a business trip this weekend to Boston, I'm pretty excited about it, but that means that Natalie is going to need some company Friday and Saturday nights!

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Ma & Pa Turley said...

Hey Nat, we have an exciting family history fair at our stake this friday evening - actually it doesn't sound too bad and we are going so you're invited. But I was thinking maybe Saturday evening/night whatever we could have a girl party, see what the others are doing & do fun stuff here or elsewhere - just a thought. Oh & good luck Dallas, we'll pray extra hard for you and your class - have fun in Boston, I'm jealous.