Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two whole years

On January 6 Dallas and I celebrated our second anniversary. The picture above is the little bed and breakfast that we stayed at for our anniversary. Isn't it so cute?! It is weird to think that we have been married for that long... It's been a blast. So much has happened. In that time Dallas and I have had to move 3 times and been in 3 different wards. We've both been through 5 different jobs and we each have two right now. We both work as EMT's at PMT Ambulance driving ambulances around the valley. I also work at Scottsdale Shea in the Emergency Room as a Patient Care Tech. Dallas works for a company called Science Care that travels all over the States holding Cadaver labs for various companies and doctors. (YUCK!!) I love my job in the hospital it is fun(for the most part) and good medical experience which I needed to get into PA school.
I finally decided last week for sure that I will be attending Midwestern University in Glendale. It has been really hard for me to make the decision. I got accepted to both schools here in Arizona (Arizona School of Health Sciences and Midwestern University.) Dallas will still be in school until December so I only applied to the Arizona schools cus I can't very well just leave my husband for 8 months or so. I love being around my husband too much for that kind of long distance relationship.
And as Lincoln always says, anyway...
At Christmas I made the decision to decide where I was going to go to school by January. So I decided to go to ATSU because it was close to where we live right now, and I am really tired of moving. It is also a shorter program, by two whole months, and is a little bit cheaper. But after making the decision I still wasn't one hundred percent sure about it. A couple weeks ago I started taking an EKG class from a lady who also teaches at Midwestern. While talking to her I discovered that I still really liked the program that Midwestern offers and reopened the idea of going there. Dallas (I guess, although he never told me) thought I should go to Midwestern the whole time even though it is an hour commute. Well, we went to the temple and felt really good about Midwestern. It's not that ATSU is a bad decision we just felt that Midwestern was the better school for me.
So I am so so so excited to be starting school in June. I wish it would have started in like January. I haven't been going to school since last May when I graduated from ASU and I really miss it. Or I just miss not working anywhere from forty to ninety hours a week. I don't like my jobs that much. I have been working a lot but it is a good thing since if I work a lot Dallas is able to concentrate on his school and hopefully do really well.
Dallas is hopefully going to graduate this December, if everything works out okay. He's currently taking his senior design capstone class which is supposed to be a really hard class. We did just find out on Thursday that one of his classes that was supposed to be offered this Fall will only be offered in the spring now. So the counselor is going to let Dallas try and start the class now... only a month into the school year!!! Hopefully it works out and he doesn't have to go another semester. That would stink so so bad:=(

Needless to say life is great!!

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