Monday, March 17, 2008

84 more days until School Starts

I can't believe how long I have until PA school starts!! 84 days which equals out to about 3 months!! It is taking a long time to get here. I found out in October that I made it in which gave me 8 months of waiting for it to start. I feel like I should be preparing for something, but I really don't have much left to do, except wait.

This may be a stretch, but the wait can be compared to it to being pregnant. 8 months isn't much different than 9 months!! I've waited and waited, worked and worked to get into PA School!! I got in!! (That's like initially finding out your pregnant) Then I have to wait and wait and wait and wait for it to start. The actual starting though is going to be really hard, and a huge life adjustment. That's like having the baby and then finding out how much work it is!!!!!

I'm excited to go to PA school, I'm excited to learn about medicine, but it is going to be a lot of work. Everyone thinks they don't see me a lot now, you just wait. It will all be worth it in the end...

It's good to know that the Lord wants me to go school and will be there to help me through all the doubt and hard times.


Diane said...

I can't believe how many people I've heard of lately trying to go to PA school. The physical therapy tech guy where I go just got accepted at Las Vegas - he said it was too hard to get in here - hee hee you did it!

Blain&Deedra said...

Congratulations, I am really excited for you. It was good to see you a few weeks ago. Good luck with it when it starts.

Katie said...

Cute blog! Thanks for sharing. It will be fun to read and keep up with you guys! I'm excited for you to go to school too, and a little envious! I wouldn't mind going to medical school myself, and maybe I can steer Gracie there too!