Sunday, March 2, 2008

Elevator Tag (Natalie wins 3 out of 3)
Paul Revere and Natalie
This is where Paul Revere destination!!
Fire Station in Boston (I thought it was appropriate since Dallas and I drive ambulances)
It was such a cute tiny door. This is the first one we saw but almost every building has a tiny door like it.
Faneuil Hall, a little shopping center.
A really cool bridge that lights up in blue at night that leads to the north end of Boston

Dallas is soooo cute in his very purple work scrubs!!


Andrea Gunnell said...

Sounds like fun! I think we need a vacation like that. Maybe next year when I'm not pregnant or taking care of a newborn!

Blain&Deedra said...

It's so fun to go on spur of the moment trips. Blain came with me a year ago to Florida with my job, it was TONS of fun. We stayed in a resort, and had all the food we wanted, went to seaworld and disneyworld. It was awesome.

Ma & Pa Turley said...

I love the pictures, so glad you got to have such a memorable trip. Natalie, we got to see Dallas the other night but we've forgotten what you look like. Let us know when you're free to come hang out - do you have more pics?