Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just to make myself feel better....

I haven't posted in a long time. I've let Dallas tell you all our funny and crazy stories these last few weeks. I think I just needed recovery time after my beyond crazy test week.

I'm not feeling very good today (not enough sleep is my diagnosis) so I'd thought I'd cheer myself up with a

'what makes me happy post.'

  • My handsome husband who is so kind, caring, helpful, gentle
  • The same cute caring husband who is too smart for his own good and gets awesome grades in school without trying.
  • Being able to help my husband "Ace" his anatomy practical with just a few minutes of coaching
  • Getting an 'A' on a test because they through out all the questions you missed (phew)
  • Watching the awkwardness of a brand new relationship start
  • Sitting on the couch
  • Taylor Swifts new song "Love Story"
  • Riding my bike to school (I know that this is supposed to be a happy post but...I rode my bike next to a highschool when they were getting out of school on my way home yesterday and almost got hit by a STUPID high school boy, and had more 'close calls'....never again)
  • Watching Dallas find a hobby besides computers....biking (He rode his bike all the way to ASU-Main yesterday...almost 30 miles)
  • I love just throw a bunch of stuff in a bowl, stir it up, put it in the oven, and while you study it cooks:) without being babysat...too much
  • A cute husband who looks awesome in the kitchen and LIKES it!
  • The gospel...ITS AWESOME
  • Nursery, the kids are cute and its so much fun trying to find ways to get them to show you their personalities
  • Flowers
  • Sewing.. I love the beautiful things you can create...wish I had more time to enjoy it more.
  • Learning: I grow so much every single day
  • Movies, they are the perfect break from studying
  • ReAding, just wish they it didn't take so much time and I knew how to put one down once I start
  • My two week break that is starting in 2 weeks (Can't think about the next two weeks..finals)
  • Food, I probably mentioned this already (sushi, hamburgers, mexican food with lots of jalapeno cream cheese sauce, anything that is bad for me, corn on the cob, hot chocolate, Dallas's amazing potato soup, funeral potatoes... wait this is turning into a list of all the food I've had lately...I guess I'm not to creative...or I'm just happy when I get fed:)
  • Candy...I'm thinking of giving it up for Lent...although thats still a long ways away (lots of my friends are catholic)
  • Playing Volleyball with friends
  • New Friends
  • OLD friends
  • Breaks....yes from studying....but they are THE BEST
  • Carmel Apples...If I can ever get Mara and Ben to our house to make them.
  • Smiles, happy people, the shade on a sunny day like today
  • Family...I get to see them tomorrow at the SHOW LOW BOYS SOCCER STATE GAME!! GO COUGARS!!!


Andrea Gunnell said...

Ha ha, I love that you had to give yourself a "diagnosis" about not feeling well. You need to allow yourself to get more sleep!!! See ya tomorrow:)

Ben and Mara Gardner said...

haha, I liked your list! And I sure hope you can get us over there for those delicious carmel apples! I was so disappointed this week. :(

Joan Pearce said...

I love your list. I can't wait until you have some time off for Christmas so we can see you more.