Friday, October 3, 2008

The terrible week of five tests is overish...

I was trying to come up with something to post about but the only thing that is going on in my life is tests!!! I can't really think of anything else.

I can't believe I actually made it through this week. It was literally the craziest week of school I have ever experienced, ever. Let me put it in perspective for you.
I have to back up to last week because that is where the chaos began. Monday last week I had a Physiology exam which I did very poorly on :( But, I had to shake that off and move on because I had a Women's Health exam on Thursday. Supposedly it was going to be the worst test ever. Almost the entire class failed it last year!! So, cramming for three days straight was required in order to pass, all the while I had this week looming over my head!
Thursday night the cramming began. I had 6 tests to cram for!!!!!!!! Starting this past Monday I had a Clinical Medicine exam followed up on Wednesday with two exam, Physical Diagnosis and Epidemiology!! Thursday I had a Physical Diagnosis Practical (Midterm doing a physical exam on a REAL person with a REAL person watching and grading!!). Friday, or this morning I had a Neuroanatomy exam (remember those terrible anatomy test:( That equals out to 5 tests in 5 days.
My week should be over right!! No, I have a physiology exam on Monday and a Clinical Medicine exam on Friday, AGAIN! Added on top of it Conference is this weekend!

This is my crazy life!! Imagine that I actually chose to do this? I must be crazy.

Our program is very condensed. I guess when you condense things you must also add more exams in there. I was conversing with various students around Campus. The Dental students have ONE EXAM a week, on like Friday morning or something. Can you imagine that this person I was talking to was complaining about that?!!? THE NERVE!!
The Medical Students have a schedule similar to the dental students, although I don't know the details.

Needless to say, I am missing my family. I miss my cute nephews who are just on the other side of town. I miss my sisters (also ALL on the other side of town). I miss my husband, who has worked the last few nights in a row which means I haven't seen him in like 3 days:( Yes, he's working again tonight!

After all that complaining, out I go to celebrate my friend's birthday! (What a fun happy birthday week for her:(

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Megan said...

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