Friday, December 5, 2008

Things that make me smile...

{Note from Natalie: Dallas posted this about his chemistry professor and I just love it! It is officially my favorite post}

I actually really enjoy my Organic Chemistry class, the one and only reason being the professor. I am taking it at MCC, so it's not quite as hard as the university course (just ask Natalie), but I absolutely love that guy. He is very patient, explains things several times if he has to (and only occasionally makes fun of stupid questions), but always tries really hard to teach... which in my mind is what higher education is all about (if you think that is such an obvious statement that the author must be an idiot for even thinking it, let alone writing it, you obviously have never been to ASU).

Even better than the fact that he is an awesome teacher is the fact that he is hilarious. He is a really funny guy, who likes to have fun with the material and the students pretty much every day.

I was over at Andrea's house finishing my homework when Caleb picked up a crayon and started drawing on a pile of papers right next to me. I wasn't fast enough, and he put a little green doodle on the corner of my homework before I could stop him. I was almost finished, so I just left it, and wrote a little note, saying that the crayon was a present from my 2 year old nephew that just wanted to say hell0.So what does my professor do? He grabs his own marker, squiggles his own little green doodle, and writes "Hi."
So yeah, my 40 year old Organic Chemistry professor, Ph.D., is corresponding with a toddler on my homework. How cool is that!?

And they say OChem is no fun...!

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Jamie Pearce said...

That is so awesome! I am so glad you have a great teacher that finds the humor in the small things! That's awesome!