Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some good things in life.

1. Snuggling
It is so Comforting.
Some of the most comforting times is when we're snuggling with someone. The perfect example is when a child needs to snuggle with their mommy and Daddy.
When I'm sad I just want to snuggle with my hubby.

2. Comfort Food
Eating is a very important part of life.
In fact one might say that you have to eat to live. So what's all the big fuss? Oh yeah it's the whole love handle, tire roll and I want to be beautiful, thing.
(And I've recently heard from a certain PA school that problems related to eating too much is the leading cause of death...)
At the end of the day...when I need something to make me feel better and I'm all alone, its gonna be food.

My current favorite is Carmel Popcorn!!
I never do this recipe thing but I love my Mom's Carmel Popcorn!
1/4 c. Butter (1/2 a cube)
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. honey (or corn syrup)
Melt the butter in a pan, then add the brown sugar and honey.
Boil it for 1 min.
Pour over freshly popped popcorn.


3. Singing in the Rain
Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain.
People who live in rainy places don't know what they're missing.
I love feeling like a kid again splashing in puddles.
Luckily I'm currently in the nursery so I get away with splashing in the puddles with the little ones on our "nature walk"

4. Family
So maybe this one should be at the top!
I love my family...
nothing is better than knowing you have a Mom, Dad, 5 sisters, and 2 brothers that will be there for you if you ever need them.
It's even better when you get married!
I love my in-laws, they are all so wonderful!

5. The Gospel
I love knowing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I love the wonderful people it brings me close to. I love the beautiful spirits I get to teach every Sunday about the basic principles of a testimony.
Nursery is as basic as it gets. Jesus Christ, Family, Prayer, Temples, The Creation....

6. Education
Learning is exploring.
I love learning. I always have.
Anyone can learn anything if they have the motivation and resources. The church teaches that we need to get all the education that we can. 1- Every Sunday we have Sunday School to learn and grow in the Gospel.
2 - Every other day when we are kids we go to school to learn the basics of surviving in the world. (Reading and Arithmetics) 3 - Hopefully we then go to College to learn how to support a family. (At this point we get to start exploring and expanding our talents.)
These are all basic stepping stones in our learning progression. We keep learning and growing our entire lives...until at some point
we are considered old and wise. Hopefully at this point we have put our talents to good use; helping others, raising a family, teaching our children, and being the best we can be!


Diane said...

What a wonderful commentary on the joys in your life. I admire that you took the time to have these thoughts and then to write them - why don't I do that?!

Joan Pearce said...

Natalie and Dallas,

You make me happy.

Love, Mom