Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas is officially over!

Dallas and I took down the Christmas decorations last night! (Monday is our new Saturday since I am working the next 5 Saturdays in a row and Dallas is going to be out of town for the next few weekends. Thankfully Dallas doesn't have class on Mondays so we actually get to see each other occasionally.)
We decided that since the decorations didn't get put up until right before christmas that they deserved to be up a little bit longer. We wanted to make Christmas last a little longer. We were going to make sure that we took at least the christmas tree down before we sold the truck, but that didn't happen. So, for the last week we have been stuck with a christmas tree without a way to get rid of it. There was no way I was putting in my new car...

Instead we waited until it was the night before the trash man came then snuck it out the back door and threw it in the dumpster. Shh don't tell, I heard the trash man come this morning and take it away so everything is okay...

This was one of the best Christmas vacations ever. Dallas took the two weeks off with me (or didn't have work, whatever you prefer)! We just played for two weeks straight with family and friends. It was fun spending time with everyone.

-We went on various hikes, discovering some great places for relaxation, I can't believe I've lived in the valley for 6 going on 7 years and I never knew about these awesome places. Dallas has lived here his entire life and he didn't know about them so I don't feel too bad.
- Had some really wonderful talks and learned more about each other. (I didn't think there was much left to learn, it was great:)
- Celebrated our 4th anniversary (WOW!) the week before...then on the actual day I forgot what day it was...I still can't believe it! (Dallas forgot a little too, so I'm not in the doghouse.) He bought me some really amazing flowers that are supposed to survive better without a lot of attention or sunlight. (Plants seem to die around our house)

Life is great, sometimes surreal. Can't believe I'm in love and married to such an amazing man.

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