Monday, March 1, 2010

Baltimore Snowpocalipse: belated update with pictures

Washington monument from the lab. The snow just starting to fall Friday afternoon.

Washington monument from my hotel just south of downtown

View from my hotel room Saturday afternoon.

Sorry for the delay. I lost the cord for my camera (which is such a lame excuse), then I lost my memory card reader, so I am finally using Natalie's computer's built in (read: cannot be lost) card reader to finally get these pictures off our camera.

I was in Baltimore when the first version of Snowpocalipse (apparently they have had 2 record setting snow storms since!). I was supposed to fly out at 6:30 Friday afternoon February 5th. Well in anticipation of the snow, they started canceling flights at about 10:00. We started a betting pool to see when the snow would start falling, I voted for 1:30 and it started coming down at about 11:15.

It didn't stop until about 2:00 in the morning on Sunday.

They closed BWI Friday afternoon, and they posted online that they would try and resume flights Saturday afternoon depending on snow conditions.

Saturday afternoon they announced they had canceled all flights and would try and resume flights Sunday afternoon depending on snow conditions.

Sunday afternoon they announced they had canceled all flights and would try and resume flights Monday afternoon depending on snow conditions.

Monday afternoon they announced they had canceled all flights...

On Saturday night I got tired of having my flights canceled so I booked an 6:00AM Amtrak train to Newark airport (New Jersey) to fly out Sunday morning. Amtrak called me about 45 minutes later and told me my train had been canceled, which meant I would miss my flight.

Rescheduled the train, rescheduled the flight (for the record setting 6th time), and finally made it home at 7:30 Sunday night.

If I didn't take the train to Newark, I probably wouldn't have made it home for another week. Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, all the way into Virginia, all airports had canceled flights or were severely delayed.


Tiffini said...

What a nightmare! Getting used to snow has definitely been an adjustment. Thankfully - for me, anyway - we had a light year this year, so I was a lot more comfortable braving the snow, even in our 2-wheel drive car. I figured with Laci starting school this fall, I'd better get over my phobia, or at least learn to manage it!

Davis Family said...

Wow, that is quite the story! Natalie, good luck with your next rotation!

Diane said...

Wow! This is why we live in AZ. But at least you have this great story to make it all worth it (?).