Friday, May 18, 2012



We flew into Brisbane and then drove up to Gladstone Sunday night where we met our boat to Heron Island on The Great Barrier Reef. It's about an 8 hour drive (for all those of you thinking of making the trip!)

Nighttime view of Gladstone Bay. Supposedly this is one of the biggest and busiest shipping ports in Australia. 

Morning walk around the Gladstone Bay

So beautiful in the morning

From far away, these trees seemed similar to trees we have here but when you got up close they were very different.

This is Australia's version of a pine tree. Again, from far away, it looks like a normal pine tree, but when you get close, you can tell this this is obviously not your regular ponderosa. 

The Hostel where we stayed for our one night in Gladstone. Kinda weird to stay in a hotel with a communal bathroom, but it was cheap and we weren't there very long. 


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