Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia (Morning Day 8)

Taronga Zoo

I apologize for all the pictures but we really enjoyed this zoo. Definitely one of the highlights of our time in Sydney. There were big exhibits were you were in the pens with the animals, and  I've never seen more active animals in a zoo. 

First Koala Sighting

Koalas look like living stuffed animals. So stinking cute!


This was a VERY friendly Wallaby that we suddenly found ourselves in a cage with. When we started taking pictures, he was about 10 feet away. Natalie had to move back because he kept coming closer and closer, we thought we were going to get attacked!

Hey guys, whatcha doin'?

Sydney Skyline from the Zoo

Check out the opera house. Such a pretty view!

Tazmanian Devil


This is a kangaroo doing what kangaroos do. Apparently they sleep a ton, and when they're not sleeping, they're laying down. Lazy bums. 

Mid hop!


Can you believe they let this guy just walk around? He looks like he could do some serious damage!

Wombat. A lot of the Australian wildlife look like enormous rodents. Especially these guys (ROUSes anyone?).  

 Quokka, kinda like a wallaby.

For the low low price of $17.95 you can get your picture taken next to a koala, but you're not allowed to touch them, so what's the point? We figured this was close enough.

If this video will ever load, it's of a koala moving from one tree to another. Which we were lucky to see because these guys sleep even more than kangaroos.



Pretty, Big, Fish

Lots of Pretty, Big, Fish


Bird Show: Condor

The End

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