Saturday, April 19, 2008


I was talking on the phone to my mom the other day about going to Show Low for the High School Play and I realized that April is almost over. I had a little bit of an anxiety attack!! April is almost over. AHHHHHHHH. What really scared me was that May is in 1 week. After May comes June and in June school starts. I'm not ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a few seconds of freaking out I calmed down and realized I still have 50 days which is 7weeks. I still have time to prepare and have fun!!! Dallas and I sat down tonight and went through the calender to plan all the fun times we're going to have in the next 50 days. I plan on being able to record a fun thing I did for every one of those days. (We'll see how it goes???)

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La Grilla said...

breathe in --- breathe out --- breathe in --- breathe out ---

You'll be okay Natalie.