Friday, April 25, 2008

***Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars***

What a fun week this has been!! It's not even over. It's amazing how much more fun my week was when I focused on doing at least one really fun thing every day. Even the days I had to work. Usually between Monday night and Thursday morning I'm either sleeping or working 12 hour shifts. Finding time in there for anything else is tricky.

Fun things I did this week.
Monday: Dallas and I road our bikes to Tempe Marketplace and had Sushi for Dinner!! I really do like Sushi, weird right!!

Tuesday: Dallas skipped his first class, slept in with me and to top it all off, woke up and made me a yummy breakfast before I headed off to work. (Isn't he just the best??)

Wednesday: Today we found out that one of the 5 offers we made was accepted. It was really surprising because it was the one house we really never actually thought would accept our ridiculous offer. (We offered a lot less than they were asking for.) I have the funniest video of Dallas expressing is excitement, but I can't get it to post :(
I'm excited. The house is actually a townhouse which we share one common wall, but they are so cute. Dallas and I found them when we were just driving around and I said look how cute!! So we decided to go see if any of them were for rent and now we're buying one instead?? How did this happen??

Thursday: Christy came over and together we road Dallas halfway to school. Then we stopped and went shopping!! It was so much fun!! Thanks Christy
I also drove to Phoenix and gave our realtor money(Earnest Money) to start the process of buying the house. We're having a inspector come and look at the "townhouse" on Tuesday!!
I'll post pictures then.
Dallas and I had a saladmaster person come over and cook dinner for us so we could get this free pan. We had to invite two couples and ofcourse what a fiasco that turned into. Dallas invited his mom and Mindy and Steve to come over. Well 4 hours before the lady showed up Dallas called his mom and she remembered that Jacob had his pinewood derby that night! So Dallas called everyone he could think of then Mindy came to the rescue and invited one of her friends. I got called into work, so Dallas ended up having to do it on his own. Then to top it all off the Lady who was supposed to come and cook the dinner bailed and sent over one of her coworkers. Needless to say Dallas was really disappointed with him. He took forever to cook the dinner, wouldn't stop talking, started arguing with our guests, and stayed at our house for 4 hours.
Sorry Mindy, Steve, and Melissa!! I hope the food was good after all that!!

What a fun week it has been. I haven't gotten very much sleep but it has been worth it!!


Katie said...

Congrats on the house. Can't wait to see it. Where is it?

Diane said...

Wow! so excited for you! we'll have to take a "trip" and go see it with you sometime. we'd better see you lots before you go.