Thursday, April 3, 2008

*** I'M MORMON****

I found this picture online and I thought it was kinda funny. I feel like this all the time at work these days. People are constantly asking me to go out for drinks with them, or come to someone's going away party "out on the town." When I tell them I don't drink, they of course first say, "What are you mormon or something." This also cracks me up because they think they are being so funny. When I respond, "Yes I am," they are suddenly embarrassed.
I get asked to go out and party more now than I did in all four years of going to school at ASU, where I only got asked to go party 3 or 4 times.

I'm always surprised when people realize I'm Mormon, and they're surprised. They always realize how little things I've said or ways I've acted now come into place. This lady I've known for a year now at work at the hospital in Scottsdale found out I was "Mormon" today. I got such a kick out of it... After I calmly corrected her jab at what she thought we believed, she figured it out. Then she says, "That's why your so **** nice."


Blain&Deedra said...

Yea I remember those days. It's nice being back up on the mountain where pretty much everybody knows about Mormons, if they aren't mormons themselves. Congrats on the new nephew.

La Grilla said...

Ya, people can be so funny about Mormons sometimes. I've never really understood why so many people think that it's dumb for Mormons to not want to slowly kill themselves with cancer sticks or alcohol.