Thursday, May 15, 2008


Christy's graduation!!

Christy and Zack

All the girls at Kyson's Blessing

(With Caleb and Kyson, ofcourse)

We had a hard time figuring out what boys to get in this picture. First we had Jason, Stephen, Kyson and Caleb. Then Jared popped in. Then we realized it couldn't be a family "boy" picture without Dallas. Then we realized that Zack will 'probably' be in the family soon so we should add him to the Picture. So below is the final result!!!

I just realized there are now more boys in our family than girls!! I didn't ever think that would happen. (Not including my Parents). We have 6 girls and will soon have 7 boys!!! We have been a family full of girls for so long it's kind of a funny!!??!

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