Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We went to Show Low on Thursday and it snowed. I could not believe it!!! It is almost the end of May and I got snowed on. The only thing I took to Show Low was shorts! This is Jason and Dallas painting our "study"!! We had a lot of fun. It only took 3 trips to Walmart and 8 cans of paint. We 'finished' around 3 am. There is still a lot of painting to do, but at least all the big stuff got done before we moved in the next day.
Thanks so much to all my family and Dallas's family for helping us move. It was a lot of work and there is no way we could have done it without your help!!
Dallas and I got Caleb back Monday and Tuesday (Yeay!)
He found my closet and started running around in it.
Isn't he so dang cute???

He thought my belts were really fun to play hide and seek in!!

We started playing tickle bug and he thought the hat added a little bit extra.

soooooooooooooo cute!

Kyson is home!!! Here he is wire free and sleeping!!

Andrea and Jared finally home with precious Kyson!!
I am so thankfully for the time that I got to spend with Caleb these last few weeks. He is such a happy boy. His laugh is contagious. I love to look back at the few shots we got of him and remember all his smiles. Although he missed his mom and dad. I am so happy that he gets to be home with them and little baby Kyson for awhile.


The Claridges said...

Well if it isn't Natalie! This is Danica (Reidhead) Claridge. I must admit I've been stalking your blog for a while but finally decided to leave a comment. Looks like you and Dallas are doing great. I can't believe...well I can...that Christy is getting married. Congrats to her. Keep in touch ya hear?!

Blain&Deedra said...

I love the pictures of your nephews, and thank goodness Kyson is home. Don't you love moving? HA we finally got into our house 2 weeks before the twins were born so things were crazy for awhile. I want to come see your house, and be jealous of your walk in closet. I bet it is so cute, cause you just have that creative touch.

Davis Family said...

Your nephews are so adorable and how fun to be able to spend some time with them. I am glad to hear that things are going well and have fun with your new house. Yeah!

RiChArd and MeReDitH said...

I had no idea all this was going on with your nephew. we will keep him in our prayers. Is everything ok now that he is home? Also, is Christy engaged to Zach? They are cute together.

Natalie said...

Kyson is doing really well!! He is so precious!!

Christy and Zach are offically engaged!!