Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today Dallas and I spent the day with my little nephew Caleb, while Andrea and Jared spent the day with his little brother Kyson. (Kyson was taken to the hospital today for low oxygen and it was discovered that he has a heart defect. Andrea and Jared .)
Caleb is such a fun, easy going little boy!! I love his smiles and laughter which filled my day. I can't imagine how much his parents must be missing him. I was so thankful to have him with me today. After Andrea and Jared got 'settled' in at Phoenix Children's Hospital, Dallas and I stopped by with Caleb and visited Kyson. Caleb was absolutely wonderful. He laughed almost the entire time he was there. I was sure when it was time to leave, Caleb would throw a fit having to leave his Mom and Dad behind. Thankfully, like he knew what was going on, he gave them hugs, kisses and waved goodbye. That is amazing for a 2 year old. I was so thankful.
The cutest part was when we kneeled down to pray before it was time to go to bed. He folded his arms and bowed his head (almost the whole time.) It was an extra long prayer as we prayed for his little brother and he still stayed perfectly silent (only peeking every once in awhile). I was so impressed. What wonderful parents he has who have taught him at 22 months to pray.

We are all praying for little precious Kyson who will be going to surgery tomorrow morning. He is so little, it breaks my heart to think of the pain he may have to go through. I know the Lord is watching out for him and that the surgeon's hands will be guided by the Lord.



Davis Family said...

We wish you the best with everything and your nephew. Keep us updated.

Blain&Deedra said...

Oh poor Andrea! That has to be so difficult for her. We'll keep them in our prayers. Congrats on your house that is way exciting!