Monday, November 10, 2008

I need Thanksgiving Break Ideas

I need book ideas!!! I want to read a really good book over break. I've already read the Vampire books! (And Yes I lIke them Even if they are Kinda Silly:)

Any ideas???


Diane said...

I would like to NOT recommend "The story of Edgar Sawtelle" an Oprah list book. My brother loaned it to me with a vague comment about it being on the vein of Hamlet -- that should have warned me. It was a Huge book that ended amazingly depressing, what a waste!
Right now I'm on book two of the Eragon books, did you read them? Do you like that kinda stuff? Reminds me so much of Lord of the Rings.

Hannah said...

Hey I was going to say that too! read the new Eragon book that just came out. I was going to go get it from Hans when I come down for Thanksgiving so I can have it for after finals! :) Have you read Ella Enchanted? That is good, but it is an esay read so it probably wouldn't last very long. You should also read Uglies. It is a whole series but I have only read the first one. Good luck! :)

Dallas said...

We should get the Ender's Game series. They are really fun to read, and there are a lot of them! ... they start to get kind of weird at the end of the series, but that's ok.

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Well you have come to the right person. I have an unnatural obsession with reading. Well, actually I guess I came to you but anyways...I really loved the Secret Life of Bees. It was way good. But, if you are more of a Harry Potter kind of chick, you should try Ink Heart, I haven't finished it but it's super cute so far. Also, a great classic The Hunchback of Notre Dame, nothing like the Disney movie. It's one of the best books I have ever read!

Jamie Pearce said...

You should read "The Alchemist" by Paul Cohelio and "The Jack Rabbit Factor" by Leslie Householder. They are both two of my favorites!

Jenny said...

The book "the princess bride" is so awesome.Different enough from the movie that it keeps your attention, but similar enough that its awesome :)
I also really liked a book called "the princess academy"
The Jurassic park books are good too.

Jenny said...

this is Jenny alverson by the way :)

Katie said...

Wild Swans-Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang

Rereading it right now. Educational and entertaining.

Feeling adventurous? Into Thin Air by Krakaur(sp?)

Why I will never climb Mount Everest.

Want something easy? Try rereading The Chronicles of Narnia. Want something deeper, try The Screwtape letters.

Or, my absolute fav-Charles Dickens. Try Tale of Two Cities if you haven't. Except Oliver Twist. Why do they make us read that book in school? It's dreadful. My fav is David Copperfield.

I know I'm posting this way after your break, but maybe Spring Break? (Can you tell I have chores to do?)