Monday, November 17, 2008


This was recently transformed....


I decided to try making this dress! I found this very cute material…and had to try.
It’s not finished…I’m of course having lots of problems because

A- I hate following patterns…I tend to do what I want…It doesn’t always work out.
B- I obviously can’t measure and made it too big!!
C- It’s too big in the shoulders…ugh the worst place to try and make it smaller…
D- I forgot to buy a zipper so I can’t finish it anyway till Monday morning when I go back to the store.

We’ll have to see how much patience I have…hopefully I can finish it!

I also decided to make pillows for my big Study Chair and hopefully a cute apron (I lost mine in the move and I NEED an apron) ~-WISH ME LUCK~


Andrea Gunnell said...

I was talking to Mom and telling her all of the things you were going to make and I said I didn't think you would get it all finished. Then Mom reminded me how when you don't have kids you can get a lot more done without having to stop every few minutes to do something else...and look at you! That dress is almost done! I love it! Good luck finishing it up!

Blain&Deedra said...

Way to be, at least your sewing machine is getting used. Okay I pulled mine out for Halloween but thats it!

Diane said...

Yippee, the school stuff is gone for awhile - good luck with the sewing, a whole different kind of frustration. I'm a but disappointed that you've been out of school all week and there's only ONE blog entry. Come on, figure out your priorities!