Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chauvinist MEN!!!

male chauvinist

a male who patronizes, disparages, or otherwise denigrates females in the belief that they are inferior to males and thus deserving of less than equal treatment or benefit.

I am sorry...but I had an experience this afternoon that reminded me how much these people(chauvinists) bother me!!!

My friend had a flat tire so I went to help her out.(None of our men were around) The only reason you need a man around when you have a flat tire is for the muscle and so they can be the ones to get all grimy and dirty:) Other than that they are useless if you are the kind of girl who
#1-knows how to change a flat tire
#2-doesn't mind changing a tire.

Instructions on how to change a tire:
1. Make sure you have a jack(what lifts the car for you!), a crowbar(what loosens the bolts/nuts), and most importantly a spare or donut tire:)
2. Take your crowbar and start loosening the bolts (This is the hard part for us girls)
- It is important to do this before you lift up the car with the Jack because you don't want the car to fall off the Jack as you wildly jerk the car around trying to get the bolts off that the mechanic put on with an electric thing:)
3. Once they are loosened proceed to lift the car with the jack
4. Remove the obnoxious flat tire.
5. Put the spare on by putting the same bolts back on!!

Ta Da you are officially an expert! - No Need for the brains of a man, just their muscle:0)

If I had been a man none of the following would have happened....

- During our changing the tire today we had 2 people try and tell us to skip step #2!! I really just wanted to yell at them, "Thanks, but No Thanks, for your stupid advice. Thank You I am doing it the correct way. Yes, I have probably changed more tires than you! (In high school I had a streak of flat tires, 7 just to be exact. Someone either really didn't like me or there were really big nails on our dirt road!)."
- I have to admit that we did accept the help of a man. Those stinking bolts were almost welded on!! I was resorting to jumping on one side of the crowbar and pulling up on the other end...at the same time trying not to strip the bolts. I had successfully loosened two of them and he very easily loosened the other two for us. It was when he opened his mouth that he started to show that all he was worth was his muscle. "You should have put your Jack on first."

I am of course (yes one of my faults) not able to let it pass. "No Actually," I say, "You don't put the Jack on first because YOU DON'T WANT THE CAR TO FALL OFF THE JACK. Thank you so much for your help:~)"

His input was, "The parking break helps the car not fall off the Jack."

OR you could just not put the Jack on and save yourself the trouble of having any possible problems at all of the car falling off the Jack!!!

I really believe the reason that most girls won't even try to learn how to change a tire is because they believe there will always be Chauvinist Men around!! Maybe, today with all our cell phones there is usually one close enough to come help you out! Someday though you are going to end up in a situation where no one can come to your aid and you're going to have wished that you had learned!!

Now about those Men who think they know something and don't! Just because you are a man does not mean that you know how to fix a car, change a tire, or KNOW ANYTHING at all about a car. It takes some actually training and knowledge. You don't just magically know what your doing because you have..a..muscle.

Any of you girls ever tried taking your car to the mechanic or gone to get new tires? Well, I have and I am personally sick of the stupid men at these places. They just suppose you don't know what you are talking about and almost dismiss you!! It drives me bonkers!! I'll admit I don't know a ton about cars. I do know enough though that if you spend two seconds talking to me, I'll comprehend the problem!! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO JUST DISMISS ME AND MY QUESTIONS!!

-I always send my husband to do all car things. Not because I can't do it, but because he gets treated like a human being and can actually get something accomplished. Huff!!


Diane said...

I must admit that in all my lifetime (quite a long time) I've never had to change a tire all by myself. Even when I started to do it a nice man would always come along and finish. I'm pretty sure I could do it by myself but my biggest fear is always the stinkin' jack, don't want it to fall and never sure I have it set right. But... I would NEVER want a man to assume I couldn't do it myself.

Katie said...

My dream in life is to take an auto shop class. (If only I had in high school. Sigh.)