Monday, January 26, 2009

Love Story

Our 3rd(wow) anniversary was this last week(okay I started writing this awhile ago)! I didn't get a chance to post because I was busy busy busy! Surprisingly I did pretty well on the test I had the day after our anniversary....weird how those things seem to work out!

(Stop reading now if you can't handle me talking about my very handsome husband)

Our love story.

Dallas came and swept me off my feet in 2005. It was totally unexpected (especially considering I hadn't been on a date for almost ~1 1/2 years)
He became my best friend almost instantly. In fact I broke up with him so many times I lost count. I couldn't stop hanging out with him...he was the best.
We weren't even 'together' when we got engaged. I can truly say I married my best friend.

Water was our favorite. If we weren't swimming or boating I was pushing him into the pool. Clothes and all (I don't have any pictures)

One of my favorite memories is of a water fight. It took up the entire parking lot and I think some of my little brothers and sisters even got involved. I was so wet and I like to think he was too (I was very persistent).

One of my worst injuries occured on one of these boat excursions. Yes, I tore my ACL. Oww!!! Dallas came and rescued me in the water... I was floating on my stomach because my leg hurt to bad to get the wake board off my legs.

Last summer we had a week off of work (I don't think I actually had a job at the time). It was around my birthday so we decided to take off on a trip. We had $400 and a whole week to do whatever we wanted. We loaded up our car with everything we could possibly think of. (camping stuff, nice clothes, beach things etc...)
We ended up going to Flagstaff and camping for the night. We went to the Grand Canyon and hung out for awhile. We didn't know where to go next, so we headed up to Las Vegas to visit Dallas's family, Theron and Lisa and their little boy!
We then headed to St. George, camped there and then drove through Zion's National Park on our way through Kanab.
It was one of the most random, but fun trips!

Last Valentines day...

Dallas and I bought a townhouse in Glendale. We decided that it couldn't hurt anything, since renting anywhere was more or just as expensive. It has been a blast owning our own place. I have my own study room where I spend the majority of my time!
Here are Dallas and I in our newly painted bedroom!

Dallas and I tend to get lost when we try and go places we've never been. It's actually quite funny. I always thought Dallas had this awesome sense of direction until we went somewhere else and then I realized he just knows Phoenix cus he's lived here his entire life.
Above is a picture of us lost in Baltimore (or Boston...) we got lost both trips. We were supposed to be in the middle of the city but we were in the woods in the middle of farms. We decided to just pull off the side of the road and take a picture. It was pretty funny. (The rental car is the same rental car we had in on both trips and the car we got when Dallas wrecked his car..exactly...kinda weird)

If you're ever feeling rich, go to this restaurant, Fogo de Chao (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) it is really really good. But it's $50 dollars a person! YIKES

This is how we look these days. Both of us with a little less hair. I cut mine off and Dallas can see for yourself.

And of course the biggest adventure we've had yet is surviving PA school! It has been crazy!

Dallas has been the best. He has slowly taken over all the wifely duties. He pays the bills, cooks, shops (I haven't been to the store in 3 wks), he cleans, does the laundry, works, deals with stupid Verizon.
Most importantly he helps me with all the little things.
I even got him to type up some study notes for me the other day!
I love him so much!

I am so grateful that he is putting up with me as I struggle to make it through this program.

He is the absolute best!

Love you Dallas.

...and we lived happily ever after....sorta


Andrea Gunnell said...

Now don't you feel so loved Dallas?
Happy Anniversary you guys!!!

Roxxi & Van said...

awww that's so cute! Happy Anniversary!!

Ben and Mara Gardner said...

awwwww, how cute!! Now get back to studying! :) Dallas is so good to put up with you. (Wink, wink)

Diane said...

You're both awesome and I'm so glad you found each other.
I remember the good old days when we used to see you sometimes, now I don't even remember what you look like, thanks for the pictures.
We did think of you on your anniversary, does that count?