Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Picture Time

Pictures from my Graduation:

Inside the arena...Construction engineers think they're so special with their silly hats... maybe we were just jealous because they were the only ones not wearing miter boards.

An empty diploma holder, representing my 6 and a half year 4 year degree. Yippee!!

My beautiful wife, supporting me by sitting through what was the most painfully boring commencement ceremony known to man.

Christmas week at my mom's house. Theron and Lisa were over, Theron is obviously very popular with the 8 and under crowd.


Katie said...

Congrats! Glad to know I wasn't missing anything at grad night. Neither Mark nor I went. When I was done, I was done! ASU had taken up too much of my time already.

(How embarrasing--my first post had a typo in it. Maybe I need more time at ASU after all!)

Dallas said...

You definitely didn't miss anything. The keynote speaker was some Chinese businessman, half the things he said you couldn't understand (it felt like ASU thought we didn't have enough Asian professors we couldn't understand, so they got one more for the graduation), and the other half you wish you didn't understand because it was terrible advice!

He told us to become workaholics and not to leave the office just because your wife is at home waiting for you, and to learn to eat whatever you can whenever you can, because you should work so long and hard you don't have time to eat...

LJ said...

I went to my bro Steve's civil engineer ceremony and you're right, it was painfully boring.

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Congratulations. That is such a great achievement. I am jealous. I am 3 weeks into my education. Only like A MILLION more to go.