Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Study BREAK!! - My Favorite Christmas Presents -

Lately I have not had the luxury of taking study breaks...I even study while I eat!!
Well, I decided to heck with it! I've been wanting to show off my Christmas present ALL year :)

I had the best christmas!!

I got to spend almost 3 whole days lounging around with my family and husband. We didn't do anything but eat awesome food, play games nonstop and just enjoy each others company. It was a blast. (I also was supposed to be studying...and didn't....the best!!)

I also got 2 favorite presents (I just can't decide which one is more favorite:)

My dad has an amazing talent/hobby. He builds stuff/Furniture out of wood:) This year he made me this bookshelf. It was very badly needed. My books were everywhere in the Study, driving me crazy. The best part is that it matches a desk that he made me for my birthday 3 years ago. Isn't he the best!! It's being put to good use.
I gave my dad a picture of a bookshelf off of PotteryBarn and he build the same one... But Better

The other favorite present was a KitchenAid from my little sister!! What an amazing totally surprised me! I'm difficult to surprise (I hear).

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Andrea Gunnell said...

I LOVE your bookshelf. I knew Dad built you one but I hadn't ever seen it. It's awesome!