Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Graduate in AUGUST!

A post from my sister Jamie's blog:

my students were testing. The third graders were taking the AIMS test and the 2nd graders were placed in several different locations while they took a test as well. On Friday we spent time covering the walls. We had to cover anything that may help them on the test. I even covered the clock. I didn't want my students to be concerned about the time because it isn't a timed test. At the end of the day one of my blessed little kiddos said, "Ms. Pearce, what time is it?" I told him that it was 2:00 and time to get ready to go. He said, "Wow, it is amazing how fast the time flies when you can't see the clock!" I thought it was so cute. Isn't it true though? When we aren't always focused on the seems to fly by! So....let's hope this testing week continues to fly by!!!

I hate counting down! It makes everything exciting come slower!

The problem is that everyone else thinks I should be counting down, when they discover I'm not they take pity on me and count down for me. I then have to either just give in and let them figure out the time line or I have to be rude and inform them that I don't count down.

This is usually how the conversation goes:
Them: "How much longer until you graduate?"
Me: "I graduate at the end of August."
Them: "How far away is that?"
Me: "I'm not sure, a couple of rotations and a week of vacation!!"
Them: "Well lets see its May, June, July, August! 4 months, you must be so excited."
Me: "Oh wow that is still a long ways away ...thanks, it is very exciting!!"

I think it must be human nature, because EVERYONE wants to know how much time I have left rather than just the date of when I am done.

It's is like when your in the car on the way to vacation and you say to mommy and daddy...

"Are we there yet?"


Katie said...

Wait until everybody in church asks your due date every Sunday. I should start wearing a sign.

Andrea Gunnell said...

Wait, so how much time do you have left? :)

Malori said...

That is so true!! Jon and I usually count down until the end of semesters, but with it being his last one, we decided not to....and it has flown by!!!
I never want to look at a clock again!

Tiffini said...

congrats on your graduation! it's such a great feeling. :)

(yeah, counting down stinks. i have a friend who always tells me to make a paper chain. sounds kind of silly, but it helps!)

Jamie Pearce said...

Haha!! So, how much more time??? :) It is amazing how fast time flies when you focus on doing what you are engaged in rather than focusing on the time. :)

Blain&Deedra said...

There are so many things that you really don't want to count down to. They never seem to come as it is. And right now all I can think of is pregnancy because it's where I'm at. I'm getting kind of big because of my pregnancy with the twins so I get, are you sure?? Yes, I'm sure of when I am having this baby. Good luck in your classes. I'm way excited for you!