Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shopping Carts vs Shopping Basket

Which one do you prefer when you go shopping (not when you have kids)?

I usually grab a shopping cart.

Dallas usually grabs a shopping basket.

We went to Target last night...the first time I've been to the store in months. (I felt like I was on this wonderfully fun night out on the town, Target!)

Anyway we had 2-3 things on the list so when we walked in the store Dallas made the decision to grab a basket instead of the cart I was going for, and told him he should grab.

We walked around the store for about half an hour, finding one thing after another that we needed, because Dallas only buys "bachelor stuff:" basically meat, cheese, and toilet paper. We bought tissue, make up, vitamins, candy, paper towels, cleaning supplies... by the time we left the store his basket was overfilled and we were both carrying boxes of tissue and a giant package of paper towels. We looked a little ridiculous.

But at least I got to say I told you so!


Tiffini said...

that's so funny! i prefer the shopping cart.

Malori said...

I'm a cart girl myself, but sometimes that backfires too - I go in to the store with a cart and only get a box of tissues and some eggs. By the time you realize you don't really need a cart, you can't take it back because you already have all of your stuff, and you can't leave it in an aisle because there are always people in every aisle when you are trying to ditch a cart.
So then you pull up to the check out with an entire cart and only 2 things in it and you're sure people are looking at you like "she couldn't just carry those things?"..............but in spite of that, I always grab a cart just in case.

ctsessions said...

It definitely depends on how much I need.

Diane said...

usually regret not getting a cart - love the few stores that have those smaller carts, don't seem as cumbersome

Davis Family said...

I always grab the cart because even if I don't have a long list, I always end up coming out with more.