Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One semester down!

I'm done with my first semester! YES!! I finished my last anatomy test today. It felt good. The real accomplishment is that I proved to myself that I can do it! I can't believe everything I've learned in only a couple of months! The professors at our school like to describe it as "drinking from a fire hose." I feel like there is so much I wasn't even able to learn because of the amount of information. At the same time I can't even remember some of the things I learned at the beginning of the summer. I learned it for the test and then forgot it as we moved on with new information! I here I'm supposed to "Trust the System" and everything will come together in the end. I've heard that phrase more times then I can count! So I guess I just go with the flow :)

I have met so many amazing people. The fun part is I still have 2 years to spend with everyone getting to know them even better. We all have the same classes together and see each other every day, all day! Its like a party every day (okay, thats pushing it) It is fun though, getting to know everyone.

Its been a good semester, and I'm ready for a break before we take off again! Here we come San Diego!


Andrea Gunnell said...

Congrats! I'm sure it's a huge relief to be done with the first semester. Enjoy your break!

Jamie Pearce said...

I am glad to hear that it went well! Congrats! That is exciting you are down one semester. I am glad to hear you are loving and enjoying it so much. I love you Natalie!