Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I know I'm overdoing it on the posts today, but I'm just catching up!!

When you driving around cities it is not an unusual thing to see homeless people holding signs begging for food, work, help, or money. Driving around San Diego was no different. We often saw people walking up and down the median with a sign. On our way home from the beach we pasted one such man and I didn't give him much notice. Just as we were passing him I glanced at his sign that was just about as wide as he was long which simply stated, SMILE. I was a little surprised and a smile crept onto my face. I then looked up at his face and he was wearing the biggest, sincerest, cheeziest smile, the equal of which I've only seen on children. I broke into a giggle!! It was so funny. Dallas just turned to me and said, "It Worked."

It is funny how this man who I will never see again touched me so easily. It shocked me and I think I laughed about it all the way back to the campsite. He certainly made me smile and I think I smile every time I remember it.


Andrea Gunnell said...

I can just picture this old man with the biggest, cheesiest smile and it makes me laugh too!

Diane said...

You're so good at noticing things and then sharing them with us, thanks, I'll try to follow your example.

Blain&Deedra said...

What a fun trip. Sounds like you have been busy. I love seeing signs like that. I'm so jealous of you, San Diego is one of my favorite cities.

Davis Family said...

How fun to be able to break away for a while and just relax. I am sure that you needed it after a crazy semester! I like this post because sometimes with life it can be hard to smile, but a smile is all we need to be cheered up sometimes.