Tuesday, August 26, 2008

San Diego...........relaxation............what else can I say???

Dallas and I had a blast in San Diego!! Nothing to exciting just hanging out and doing exactly what we wanted... doing almost nothing for 3 days straight. We went to the beach every day, went to the temple, and had way to much sugar. It was exactly what we needed.

Isn't this the best picture with the sun starting to go down!! It makes me ache to be back on the beach!!

This is us at our campsite! I've camped there 3 times now and I love it!

This is my very handsome husband! (The hat was actually meant for me but with my very small head it didn't fit, and it actually looks awesome on him! Dallas has discovered lately that he has to wear a hat in order to avoid sunburning the top of his head:) The sunflower is just icing on the cake ;)

Dallas's Dad also joined us!! Alison his step-sister brought along a friend! It was fun watching and listening to them. It's been a long time since I've spent time with 12 year olds!! They are soo silly.

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Diane said...

Wow! you're fast, I haven't even downloaded my pics yet. We sure had fun with you at the beach, it was extra nice because there weren't many of us, we didn't have to share you. How's the sunburn?